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  • Rob Barnett

“a unique and potently dramatic Goyescas” … “a regal palace of sound” …”a CD of great value” … “a truly superb booklet with a lengthy essay by Menor that is informative, reflective, wide-ranging and unafraid”


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Revisiting Goyescas

José Menor

José Menor

At the peak of his creativity, Enrique Granados (1867-1916) developed a style inspired by the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya. Imagining his own Romantic ideal of 18th-century Madrid, this style materialised in his masterpiece, Goyescas – which means ‘in the manner of Goya’, a large-scale Suite depicting a love story with a tragic ending.

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  • José Prieto Marugán

“Una interpretación vibrante, con carácter, rica y técnicamente perfecta.” (…) “77 minutos de música sensacional.”

“A vibrant interpretation, with character, rich and technically perfect.” (…) “77 minutes of sensational music.”



  • Juan Suarez

“A precise pianistic style […] that captures all the ornamental richness […] and sublime subtlety of the score.” – (5 stars)



The Sunday Times

  • Paul Driver

“splendidly presented […] a pianist who has clearly devoted huge energy to investigating [Goyescas’] textual history as well as its elaborate structure”


El Periódico

  • Marta Cervera

Menor shares his views on Granados prior to his performance of Goyescas at Carnegie Hall, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the composer’s death.

Marta Cervera en El Periodico en Granados



‘Goyescas’ CD

“This is fantastic work (…) we [the Granados family] don’t have enough words to thank you. You have been (…) an ambassador of peace, beauty and respect towards the figure and person of my great grandfather.”
– Jordi Granados

“Menor, as a true virtuoso, takes this work by the throat, playing it as though his life depended upon it.”
– Tom Deacon

“Incredible beauty. The lyric sense, the elegant rubatos, the ‘Chopin-esque’ perfume, the character, the flexibility… I have always stated that you play one of the best Granados nowadays. I really repeat it and underline it.”
– Victor Garcia de Gomar – Artistic Director, Palau de la Musica

“It is sensational, with very innovative details and nuances in the rhythmic treatment and the sense of colour.”
– Javier Perez Senz – El Pais, Barcelona

“It is magnificent! It sounds so good and it’s so well-played… I promise, my tears are welling up and I can’t avoid it. … Thank you!”
– Barbara Granados




  • Stefan Pieper

“Granados and Menor form a wonderful combination as ambassadors of Spanish music”
“Menor moves with a contagious flexibility between great romantic gesture, voluptuous virtuosity and a dance-like energy.”


“Meet the Artist” Interview

  • The Cross-Eyed Pianist

Jose speaks with The Cross-Eyed Pianist about his career, inspirations and new Goyescas album!